Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How To Fix A Failing Marriage

As we become more settled in our marriage, our lives seem to settle into a routine. It´s human nature. We go to work, come back, eat dinner, watch TV and go to bed. (or at least that's my default life if I don't put in the effort to change it up a bit!)

It's often difficult to do anything else after a tiring day. But you have to start trying. While there´s nothing wrong with routine, just a little excitement, or something a little bit different, can help if your marriage is having trouble.

Don't delay. A bit of spontaneity here and there can really help spice things up and put some zest back into your relationship.

How To Fix A Failing Marriage By Doing Something Completely Different
Don't Put Off That Special Day Out

It´s so easy to get stuck into a routine of work, back home, dinner and bed. And let's face it, with the demands of modern life, its difficult to do much else. But you have to make a real effort to get some spontaneity back into your life.

Is there something fun you've been putting off? This might be something big like a trip abroad, or simply a fun day out. Maybe a picnic, the museum, the opera! What ever it is, just the act of doing something different will give you both a fresh perspective on things.

Try and keep it up too and make it a habit to try new things together.

Surprise Your Partner With A Weekend Away
How to fix a failing marriage the fun way

Pack both your bags ahead of time and them whisk your partner away for a weekend at a country hotel, or even abroad. You´ll find you can look at your problems from a new perspective when you are in a new environment. How to fix a failing marriage by whisking your partner away could be just the cure you´re looking for.

Breakfast in Bed- An Easy Option
Fix a failing marriage in the kitchen

Now this is always appreciated and really shows your partner that you´re prepared to put in some effort to make them happy.

You might even want to stock up ahead of time with some exotic fruit or good French cheese. And, what the hell, it really isn't that much work in order to show your partner you love them.

Tell Your Partner Things That Make You Happy About Them-How To Fix A Failing Marriage By Making Your Partner Feel Good
Give your partner a complement every once in a while

Far too many people feel under appreciated, when in fact the opposite is true.

If you can say just one nice thing about your partner a day, they soon add up to a very happy person.

I mean everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves, right? How about telling your partner next time you think they look good, or you see that smile you love, or you're thankful for them for listening to a problem you had at work.

How About A Surprise Date?
An unexpected night out can work wonders

Surprise your partner after work and take them out on a date, for dinner, a movie, bowling whatever you are both in to. This is a great answer to how to fix a failing marriage. It's a lovely surprise for your partner, changes your routine and allows you to spend some time together doing something you both enjoy.
How To Fix A Failing Marriage By Getting Tickets To Something Fun!
A special treat for your partner

Plan ahead and get tickets to an event you know your partner will love; a show, the U.S open, the opera, a rock concert, a ball game. Whatever it is that is a nice treat for your partner and something they wouldn't normally do.

This is bound to be appreciated and also shows that you are prepared to do things you wouldn't normally in order to save your marriage.


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